Company Overview

TAG International Trade & Consulting

TAG International Trade & Consulting Company is an import-export company that is located in Istanbul, Turkey. We also work on project basis and give international trade consulting services, by meaning door-to-door logistics (taking the product from your "door" and delivering it upto your customers "door" including documentation and custom clearances).

In order to have strong position in the global market, our experienced staff is fully aware to maintain the same level of services from small-family business to global players.

With more than 10 years of experience in the business, TAG aims to bring more efficient solutions for their customers holding total customer satisfaction ahead.

After several years of experience and knowledge gained by working at different companies, we, two old friends from the same high school and university, decided that it is the correct time to establish TAG International Trade & Consulting Company for the objective to bring more efficient solutions for our clients. Our main goal is to supply the right product, with the right quality, to the right place, at the right time to our customers by obtaining logistical and financial partnerships.

We are fully aware that globalization opened the way for various producers and companies to export their goods to different destinations all over the world without being bounded to their local economies which created a huge new ocean for all markets. Our mission at this point is to develop and manage new business relations and to consult companies by forwarding our experience and knowledge.

If you want to be safe inside this ocean and looking for a safe harbor please don't forget to contact us.