Office Furniture & Chairs:

TAG International Trade & Consulting Company formed a unitary with the office armchair, office furniture and office seating sets which can fulfill any essential furniture need of an office. Our designer manufactures high-performance, qualified, aesthetic office furniture with unique, extraordinary and modern design; keeping the functionality and ergonomics in the forefront.

With 22.000 m² covered area & total 35.000 m² production area and modern technology production line, TAG provides the best service to customers.

TAG International Trading Company is the supplier of;


- Director Series
- Manager Series
- Staff Series
- Meeting Series
- Reception Desks – Pulpits
- Laminate Cabinets
- Melamine Cabinets
- Hangers
- Other Products


- Director Series
- Manager Series
- Staff Series
- Waiting Series
- Conference – Seminar Series
- Movie Theatre Series


- Sofa Sets

We have began producing home furniture since the beginning of 2015. Please keep in mind that we are also capable of supplying door & window handles, railings for construction projects like hotels, shopping malls or conference halls.

Please download our detailed catalogue to see product pictures, names, dimensions and codes.

PDF Catalogue


Office Furniture & Chairs PDF Catalogue
Home Furniture PDF Catalogue
Our Brand New Product: Legold