Container Shipment:

By using container shipment, we can reach to every single overseas destination. Different items can be loaded in one container to meet the needs of the customers by supplying variety of the products. We deliver products by using all types and sizes of containers (20 DC, 40 DC, Open Top, High Cube). We do know that sending the material by containers is a faster, more convenient and most importantly more efficient way to reach to our customers/partners.

Bulk Shipment

Bulk shipment is used for the transportation of high volume orders. While loading the vessels, lashing, separation and dunnaging are carried out depending on the specifications of the goods in order to prevent damage during sea transport.

Railway Transportation

TAG also uses railway transportation in exports of its products to East European countries; such as Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Slovakia.

Road Transportation

Road transportation is the best way for transportation to neighboring countries from Turkey where direct sea transportation is not possible.


TAG as a Consultant

With its experienced staff and large network, TAG is also serving as an international trade consultant for companies to increase their efficiency. We support companies in all of their import, export and customs transactions.Please click here to get more information about our consulting services.